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Codice is a team of experts in the field of language services, all native Italians and based in Faenza, Italy.  They are dedicated to breaking down the language barriers between countries and have much experience working for companies in the  U.S.A.,  U.K.,  Italy and the rest of Europe

Their specialist languages are Italian, English and German and their specialist areas are electronics, mechanics, industrial automation, marketing, law, finance and general business.  Naturally you would expect a perfect translation of your text, but it is also paramount  that for documents of a specialized nature, the translator has experience in that area.  Any work outside the fields of our in-house translators would be assigned to an external translator with expertise in that field, drawn from an extensive network at Codice's disposal. We recognize that many professional groups have specific language requirements and this applies particularly to texts of a technical nature. 

Translations into and from other languages can be arranged.

All work, whether translated in-house or externally, is  proof-read by the in-house team before final delivery to the client.

Computer aided translation tools are used to ensure consistent terminology throughout documents and you will discover that you will receive more than just a translation from Codice; they have good localizing skills, essential to international business.  

You will receive a very friendly and personal service from Codice.  For your convenience, you may first speak to their US representative based in the UK, who will supply you with a quotation. Once the quotation is accepted, we will ask for a contact name in order that the translator may address any queries quickly and efficiently. If you need a translation urgently, Codice can always deliver.  We have NEVER delivered work later than the agreed deadline and in many cases we have delivered early.